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Welcome, let your love shine & sparkle!

Weddings are one of the most special and memorable moments in a person's life. It is a day filled with love, laughter, and joy. For some, they dream of a grand and extravagant celebration, while others prefer a more intimate and emotional event. Regardless of the size and style, a wedding planner plays an important role in making the day a success. From the big picture down to the smallest details, they are there to ensure that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly. We will together also explore the emotional side of weddings and we are here to help bringing those emotions to life. I am an experienced Project Manager, Event Planner, former Business Consultant but also a former bride. My experience will get on top of your wedding planning. 

Truly yours,

Jennifer Gitta

CEO & Chief Wedding Planner

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Our Services

From overall planning to event designing and concepts, we are here to assist you. Emotional Wedding Speeches are also within our service range and many more.


Wedding Planning

❤  Unlimited Number of Consultations 

❤  Design Concept & Wedding Planning

❤  Research & Coordination of Service Providers

❤  Wedding Day Planning
❤  Partial Wedding Planning on Request
❤  Transparent fix Prices for big & small Budgets

❤  Professional Wedding Website included

from 7'450 Chf

Wedding Speeches


❤  Emotional Wedding Speeches

❤  Two long Meetings beforehand 

❤  Creation of a memorable Wedding Speech 

❤  Presentation of Wedding Speech 

❤  Keep Guests' Spirits high

❤  Talk to the Heart of Bride & Groom

2'250 Chf

Proposals Planning


❤  100% Proposal Success Rate
❤  Unlimited Number of Consultations
❤  Creative & unique Ideas 
❤  Creating romantic Moments
❤  Unforgettable Proposal Design
❤  Search of unique Locations
❤  Help with Engagement Ring Search

2'250 Chf

Master of Ceremonies


❤  Final Briefing of all Service Providers before
❤  10 Hours of Assistance on the Wedding Day
❤  Coordination of all Service Providers on Site
❤  Contact Person for Guests & Service Providers
❤  Pulling all strings in the Background
❤  Additional hours can be booked
❤  Included in complete Wedding Planning

1'950 Chf



❤  Customized Event Planning

❤  Unlimited Number of Consultations

❤  Research of Location & Service Providers

❤  Creating memorable Moments

❤  Design Concept & Special Note

❤  For big or small Events

on Request



❤  100% Honeymoon Success Rate

❤  Unlimited Number of Consultations

❤  Creative & unique Ideas 

❤  Creating romantic Moments

❤  Travel Planning & Coordination

❤  Search of unique Locations

❤  Help with emergencies during Honeymoon

2'250 Chf

About Us

I was a bride myself and organized my entire wedding over 1.5 years on my own, but with the help of great service providers that I chose carefully. Looking back, I should have given my own wedding to a Wedding Planner. It meant an incredible amount of stress coupled with a lot of emotion since it was my own wedding. However, this experience gave me great insight into coordinating with service providers and guests and how to plan a 3-day wedding in another country. Since then, I have been able to organize weddings for other couples and am passionate about doing so. 


I studied business communication at the HWZ Hochschule für Wirtschaft in Zurich and worked for consulting companies and in the travel industry. I also came to work as a management consultant and ran my own startup with over 1300 clients and a team of employees. Being organized and knowing my clients helps me in my job as a professional wedding planner. I have a great team with whom we can make your wedding dream come true.


Highly motivated, well organised, Service oriented


My Wedding was a...

... Summer- Mountain Wedding Dream in Austria

Our Offices

Zurich I Engadin I Mallorca

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